Tracy Calapai - Spirituality, Life and Business Coach. Master Teacher.

Classes are offered often and listed here or on the Tracy Calapai Facebook Page and Eventbrite or you may Contact me for dates. I also take date requests for Certification Classes.

All appointments are made online via my appointment calendar.

Coaching, Intuitive Services, Online Psychic Development Programs, Reiki Sessions and Certifications and Integrated Energy Healings and Certification Classes available.

Integrated Energy Therapy Healings and Certifications:

IET is an Intense Energy Healing that “takes the issues out of your tissues” removes your blocks and helps you move forward feeling clearer and more energized. IET works with the Angels. IET tends to be a little more intense than a Reiki Session or attunement. I suggest starting with Reiki so I can understand and clear some energy and then progressing to IET.


Reiki Energy Healings and Certification Classes:

Reiki is an absolutely wonderful healing modality. Everyone will benefit from it and should try it! Reiki is suggested once monthly especially if you are an energy worker as it helps keep your Chakras (energy centers in the body) Clear and functioning at top form. Reiki in my opinion is an accelerator to opening up your Psychic Gifts. Being in tune or sensitive is not always easy. Energy workers or sensitives in general should be attuned to Reiki to understand their gifts and lead a better quality of life. Reiki Sessions with me will also include a reading of what comes up during your session.


1:1 Services:

Psychic/ Intuitive Sessions are a combination of Palmistry, Tarot, Angel Cards, Mediumship and Crystal Divination. Each session includes a customized Mojo Bag of Herbs and Crystals.

Life Coaching 1:1 Sessions: General, Business, Spiritual and Psychic Development sessions available.

Please see my appointment calendar to book an appointment or contact me for assistance.

Online, I am offering a Magickal Lifestyle Mastermind program! This program is great for all levels of development. Each month in real time we will cover various areas of psychic development such as spell craft, meditation, Chakras and guide work! All previous workings are in the files in the FB Group and Videos are archived on the web site for your viewing! 

Blessings ~ Tracy Calapai